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cat training
"With time, your praise or a pat may be a good enough reward after training"

Training tips for cats

Follow our 6 quick tips for training your cat: 

  • Work with cat behaviours that come naturally, to make it easy for them to obey. Then progress to more difficult commands.
  • Rewards are the key to motivating your cat. If you are using food and your cat is not responding, they may not be hungry enough. Try a training session before a meal. (But don’t 'starve' your cat to make them eager to learn, as a hungry cat will quickly become an annoyed one.)
  • With time, you can lessen the use of treats. Your praise or a pat may be a good enough reward on occasion.
  • Eliminate any distracting noise from the TV or stereo during training time as it will make the process almost impossible.
  • Keep training sessions short, ending them before your cat gets bored or tired. Always finish a training session on a positive note and remember that, just like us, sometimes cats are not in the mood.
  • If possible, train your cat regularly, preferably every day. Training your cat once a month won't get the results you want.
  • Still want to find out more? Why not watch our video on training your cat?

    About Dr Joanne Righetti

    Dr Joanne RighettiDr Joanne Righetti is an animal behaviourist, educating the public and professionals in all aspects of the human–animal relationship. Her background is in zoology, with a PhD in animal behaviour and a counselling diploma – qualifications which enable her to work with all sorts of animals – including the human variety! Joanne likes to help pet owners understand their pet's behaviour and solve any pet behaviour problems. She also consults to a variety of organisations including non-profit organisations, commercial companies and councils and is involved in a variety of media including regular spots on radio. Joanne is an honorary associate of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, University of Sydney. Find out more about Joanne at

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