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Cat Health Problems

Cats are very good at hiding illnesses so you should check your cat regularly for any early warning signs for cat health problems that might indicate an underlying issue. You can keep a monthly health checklist at home.

One of the biggest health concerns amongst cat owners is often the urinary tract health of their cat. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is a serious condition which if left untreated can result in serious illness and sometimes death.

Another danger is paralysis ticks and fleas on cats. Learn how to prevent and treat infestations in warmer months.

Cat hair loss can also be a sign of a under lying health problem and cat dehydration is a common problem in the hot Australian summer.

If your cat is very unwell, sometimes the most the humane (but often very painful decision) is to put your cat to sleep. Read our article on how to say goodbye at this often difficult time.