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Cat Health

Owning a cat is a delightful experience, but big a responsibility as well. Just because a cat has reached adulthood doesn't mean that it no longer requires close attention and care.


A cat's dental care is one such factor that needs to be closely observed. People need to keep an eye on their dental health and you need to do the same for your pets.


Booking regular vet check ups at least once a year is a vital responsibility of an owner. Even if your cat seems perfectly healthy, regular check ups can prevent dormant illnesses from maturing into something more serious. Vaccinations need to be monitored and updated, and it is a good time to get general advice about your pet's behaviour and welfare.


In the cat health section we also cover some health problems that are common to cats, so you don't have to wait for your yearly vet check to pick them up. Things like hair loss, dehydration, fleasticks and worms, are all issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.


Another issue we touch on is cats with special needs. Whether they're born that way or develop problems over time, it's something that many pet owners have to learn to deal with. We also cover blindnesslameness and surgery recovery.