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Travelling in cars with cats
"Always keep your cat in the carrier, which should be securely fastened to reduce the risk of injury"

Car travel

A car is a strange and new environment for your cat. Knowing how to prepare your cat for any car ride is important for both safety and comfort.

Ensuring a comfortable car ride

Cats don’t always make the best passengers and the last thing you want is a set of claws embedded in your back as you cruise down the highway.

Whenever you travel by car, always make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible, making your life much easier!

Travelling essentials

Before embarking on your journey, make sure you have a:

  • large pet carrier
  • light sheet to cover the carrier
  • small disposable litter tray to place into the carrier 
  • food and water bowl.

Always keep your cat in the carrier, which should be securely fastened to reduce the risk of injury.

Tips for a comfortable journey

  1. Introduce your cat to car travel gradually. For example, start with a short trip around the block and slowly lead up to a longer journey.
  2. A waterproof sheet will come in handy for the car seat. 
  3. Always carry paper towels and a safe disinfectant in case of an accident.
  4. Take along your cat's favourite toy or blanket.
  5. Make a habit of stopping every couple of hours for a toilet break and a drink of water.
  6. It can be a good idea not to feed your cat too large a meal prior to travel. Some animals are likely to experience carsickness. 
  7. Open the window so your cat gets adequate ventilation.
  8. Never leave your cat in a hot car, even for a few minutes. 


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