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Famous cats
"‘Mr Jinx’ certainly shows that cats can be trained to perform different tasks, just as dogs can!"

Famous cats

For thousands of years cats have been featured in our lives - on everything from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, as cartoon characters to stars in blockbuster motion pictures.  Here’s a look at some of the world’s more famous felines.

The cat gods of ancient Egypt
In ancient times cats were closely connected to a number of gods and goddesses. There is evidence that they were considered to be demi-gods and were often worshipped, mummified after death and depicted on the walls of ancient tombs. 

Perhaps the most famous cartoon cat ever, Garfield was created in the late 1970’s and is still being published to this day.  The character was based on cats owned by the creator Jim Davis as a child and the name Garfield came from name of his grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis.

Mr Jinx – Cat star of ‘Meet the Fockers’
‘Mr Jinx’ is a breed called the Himalayan and certainly shows that cats can be trained to perform different tasks just as dogs can. In the movies featuring the character of ‘Mr Jinx’, he was actually played by multiple cats - making it easier to train individual cats to perform certain behaviours only. Click here to read more about cat training.

One of ‘Mr Jinx’s’ talents was to use a special litter tray located on the toilet – something that many everyday cats can be trained to do with patience, perseverance and positive rewards based training.

Mr Bigglesworth – Austin Powers 
This unusual hairless breed featured in these moviesis called the Sphynx, and although they may lack a fur coat they certainly make up for it in personality!

This breed is known for being outgoing and affectionate and are often very happy in a multi-pet family. They are very warm and soft to touch and one of the most appealing things about the Sphynx to many people is that they are not the most attractive cats to look at. They do tend to be something of a conversation piece! You can read more about the Sphynx in our breed library.

Puss in Boots
The story of ‘Puss in Boots’ has been told to children as a fairly tale since the late 17th century.  The story has been adapted since then and ‘Puss In Boots’ has even made an appearance in animated films such as ‘Shrek’.

Tigger – ‘Winnie the Pooh’
Although a tiger and not a domestic cat, “Tigger” from A. Milne’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ is still one of the most popular cat names in Australia.


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