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Cat toileting
"Use a litter box with high sides"

10 top tips for combating cat toileting issues

1. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Try and keep your cat’s litter box in the same position. This will mean that there’s never any confusion around where your cat can go.

2. CHANGE: Never change a litter box suddenly. It’s best to put the new box next to the old and gradually reduce the amount of litter in the old box. Once you cat is using it’s new box, you can remove the old box.

3. HEIGHT: Use a litter box with high sides. This will reduce litter being used liked confetti, but still allow for kicking.

4. UNDERNEATH: Try also putting a rug or newspaper under the box for easier clean-up.

5. LITTER: Look for a good quality cat litter, that locks in moisture and has long lasting odour control. Try Purina’s TIDY CATS. Available now at Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Foodland and Petstock stores.

6. NUMBER: Always have enough litter boxes. The rule is one per cat, plus one extra.

7. IT’S AN EMERGENCY: Put a litter box on every level of your home if you can—especially if your cat is older.

8. LET ME IN!: Make sure your cat’s litter box is free from potential obstacles that could block your cat from entering their litter box.

9. CONSISTANT: Cat’s don’t love surprises. So, when replacing litter boxes, choose the same style as the one your cat has been consistently using.

10. KEEP THEM SEPERATED: Lastly make sure your cat’s litter box is far away from their food. Like people, cats prefer to keep these activities completely separate (thank goodness).

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