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"Cats often will have a preference for the type of litter they like to use."

Cat litter and trays explained

Litter hygiene is vital. A cat's sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than humans, and the last thing you want is for your cat to avoid the tray.

If you are using a clumping litter, scoop out the solids as soon as you see them, and change the whole litter content on a regular basis. When you change the litter, give the tray a good scrub using detergent and hot water.

Choosing the right cat litter

Cat Litter also comes in many different types including ‘clumping litter’, clay, recycled newspapers, and crystals (Silica).  Cats often will have a preference for the type of litter they like to use. When you get your new cat or kitten home you can determine which litter they prefer by offering a few litter trays side by side containing different types of litter. We recommended you continue using the same cat litter they are suited too. Use an ample amount of litter to cover the base of the tray, so your cat can scratch and cover any waste it leaves.

Looking for a clumping litter? Why not try Purina’s TIDY CATS. Available now at Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Foodland and Petstock stores.

Litter Trays

The best litter trays have rounded corners and a perfectly flat bottom, that way nothing nasty gathers and gets stuck. A hooded box will certain help reduce bad smells.

Here are three easy tips to you set up your cats litter tray:

1. Place the litter tray well away from where you feed your cat.

2. Cats like their privacy when going to the toilet. Place the tray either out of sight or in a low- traffic location.

3. If you have multiple cats you’ll need more than one litter tray. Cats can be very fussy about ‘sharing’ litter trays.

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