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Top 3 Christmas gifts in pet specialty
"Your local pet specialty store is a great place to pick up a Christmas gift for your dog."

Top 3 Christmas gifts in pet specialty

If you’re looking for the perfect present for your cat this Christmas, we’ve made shopping easy! Check out these three great gift ideas:

#1 PETLIFE Play Systems Pyramid Treat Dispenser
Treat your cat this Christmas with the PETLIFE Play Systems Pyramid Treat Dispenser that is sure to mentally stimulate and occupy! Fill dispenser with treats and knock to release. It has a weighted bottom, so it always bounces back!

#2 PETLIFE Play Systems Cat Treat Maze
A fun interactive game for your cat. Simply fill the PETLIFE Play Systems Cat Treat Maze with treats and watch your kitty spin and tip to release the treats! The perfect treat for your cat this Christmas!

Delight your cat this Christmas with a NEW Chicken, Surimi and Vegetables Broth from the FANCY FEAST Kitchen. The Royale Broths range is a perfect way to treat and make your cat feel special!  

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