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Cat Care for Healthy Living

A cat is a wonderful addition to any family. They're great with all ages, so a home is not complete without a cat to warm the couch.


When living with a cat it's important to consider anything that may contribute, even in the smallest way, to their welfare and care. There are the obvious dangers that most people are aware of, but other lesser known dangers lurk in the most unlikely spots. Certain plants, for example, can be very dangerous to cats. So it's important to know what you've got growing in your backyard, and be aware of the other potential dangers around your house.


As an owner, you'll also need to consider how best to travel with your cat. What is the best way to deal with travel, and what are some of the things you'll need to bring?


Cats are amongst the most hygienic animals in the world, but some still need bathing and grooming to be able to live inside. Most cats don't enjoy bath time, but there are ways to get them used to the water that helps them deal with it. All this and more is covered in our in-depth advice on caring for your cat.