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Sleepy cat
"It's normal for cats to sleep anywhere between 15 – 18 hours per day"

Why do cats sleep so much?

We all know that if sleeping was an Olympic sport, cats would be gold medallists, but its actually normal for cats to sleep anywhere between 15 – 18 hours per day, and similar to humans, it aids growth and repair of their small bodies.

Cat Behaviour Explained

Did you know that cats are "crepuscular," meaning they are most active at the hours of dusk and dawn. Historically, cats spent most nights, darting through the shadows, and pouncing on their unsuspecting prey, which burns up a lot of energy. Despite years of domesticity, cats still retain their predatory nature and tend to sleep more during the day to conserve their energy for activities later in the day.

Is it true cats can dream?

It has been proven from studying their brain activity, that cats do in fact dream! To understand more about dreaming, read about it here.

Do cats snore?

Owners are often quite surprise to hear their cat snore for the first time, but this can be quite common and occurs when your cat is relaxed. Snoring is caused by a small obstruction in their airway from their soft palate and is more likely to happen in short nosed breed cats.

Monitor their sleeping habits

If you notice a distinct change in your pet’s sleeping behaviour, either less or more, it’s best to consult your vet.

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