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Introducing cat to other pets
"Cats and dogs can complement each other well as pets."

Introducing cats to dogs

A well-behaved pet with good social skills usually requires a little training. Here are a few tricks to help your cat get on with everyone.

Teaching your cat good manners

Successfully introducing a new cat into your household largely depends on creating a controlled and safe environment. This may be even trickier when you already have a resident dog. Here are a few tips to make your pets get along.

  • Pay equal attention to both pets as often as possible to prevent any serious rivalries or hostilities.
  • Supervise cats and dogs until you know they will get along. Some adult dogs will carry kittens around but it's probably best to gently take your kitten away from the dog to avoid injury.
  • If you have more than one dog, do not allow them to gang up on your cat. Introduce your cat to one dog at a time so that each dog understands your cat is part of the family and not an object of play or prey.
  • Make sure your dog does not have access to your cat's litter box, just in case he tries to eat its contents!
  • If your dog is a hunter, make sure you teach the command 'Leave it' so you can control any impulses to chase your cat. Prevent any pursuit immediately as your dog will likely be deaf to any instructions.
  • Make sure your cat gets plenty of opportunity to stalk and pounce on things other than the dog's tail.

About the Purina PetCare Advice Centre

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