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So, what is Stank Face?

Stank Face


A universal expression of disgust, often caused by inadequate cat litter.

The use of TIDY CATS can remedy this terrible affliction.

Avoid Stank Face with TIDY CATS


Is Stank Face permanent?

No. Stank Face is a treatable condition that TIDY CATS has been shown to aid in all known cases. Read more about the range here.

How long does TIDY CATS take to be effective?

You should notice an immediate change in Stank Face as soon as TIDY CATS is used within your cats environment.

If I haven't used Tidy Cats before, should I discuss this change with my cat before switching?

This is highly suggested. You should always consult your cat before beginning any new litter regimen.

Is TIDY CATS right for me?

Do you have a cat? Is so, then yes.

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