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Adelaide Pet Expo

On the weekend, I attended the Adelaide Pet Expo. Since then I’ve received some feedback on how some of my comments were misinterpreted. I’d like to reaffirm my views on the following: 

    - I support responsible sourcing of pets, which include shelters that do thorough assessments of dogs such as the Animal Welfare League, responsible breeders, and pet stores which follow the Pet Industry of Australia Lifetime Guarantee Policy on Dog Traceability and Re-homing.  I categorically do not support the concept of ‘puppy farms’. I also believe it is the responsibility of all pet owners to do their own due diligence and research on their dog before bringing it home, as to the suitability and appropriateness for the individual’s circumstances.

      - In relation to dog breeds, dog suitability is vitally important. Part of that is making sure that your dog has the right temperament and matches the lifestyle and life stage of your family.

    I regret if some of my views were misunderstood.  This was not my intention. As a vet and a committed pet owner, I have devoted my life to helping families and pets of all kinds enjoy happy, healthy lives together. Throughout my career I’ve been constantly encouraged by the number of people who selflessly give their time and passion to the same causes, particularly those supporting dogs in need.


    Dr Harry Cooper                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     30.04.2014