Memorable ways to celebrate your cat’s birthday

Oct 23, 2019

How to celebrate your cat’s birthday

Everyone enjoys being pampered and treated like royalty on their birthday and your beloved cat friend is no different. We love, spoil and adore them daily, so how do you celebrate a birthday for a cat who has everything?

With a little creativity you can make your cat’s birthday something to purr about. Whether you know your cat’s actual birth date or you just want to honour the day they joined the family, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get the fun started

Make a cat-friendly cake

Cat Birthday


Before you empty a can of your cat’s favourite Fancy Feast wet food onto a pretty plate, make it extra special by using cookie cutter as a mould to create a shape like a heart or the silhouette of a cat. If you want to add some "frosting" to the cake, blend a bit more of the wet food in a food processor. Then, snip the corner of a small zip-lock bag to make a makeshift pastry bag pipe onto the cake. For added texture, use your cat’s favourite Fancy Feast dry food to decorate the cake.

Throw a party

If your favourite cat is especially social, they may enjoy having a lot of people around for their birthday. However, if your cat is a bit more reserved, consider a smaller gathering with friends your cat is familiar with. It wouldn't be a birthday party without decorations, and luckily, there are plenty of cat-themed party supplies to choose from. Try to include things your cat can enjoy, like dangly strings and pom poms – just keep them hanging low enough for your cat to play with.

Extra treats

The perfect time to spoil your cat is their birthday, so why not treat them to Fancy Feast Puree Kiss. Whether you choose to hand feed from the sachet, add it in their bowl or as a tasty topper to dry food, you’ll be delighting their senses with some appreciative purrs in return.

Catnip is another little dose of delight, even a small amount can bring out their playful side. Whether it’s dried or fresh, there are many ways to give your cat catnip, including toys and catnip bubbles.

It's important to note that not all cats actually respond to this magical herb. If you've never given catnip to your cat before, try sprinkling just a few dried leaves onto a toy or climbing tower and see how they respond.

Pamper for purrs

Cat Birthday

Whether it’s a new toy, bed, or scratching post, your cat deserves the special treatment on their birthday – a little extra effort goes a long way to make your cat feel loved. Here a few ways to add some delight to their day:

  • Put fresh, warm blankets from the dryer in your cat’s favourite napping spot.
  • Open the curtains near a spot where your cat likes to stretch and sunbathe.
  • Grab a cosy blanket and cuddle up with your cat for a birthday nap.
  • Treat your cat to a little TLC with a cat massage.


Happy snaps

These days it’s quite common to get professional pictures taken for kids’ birthdays — why not start this tradition with your favourite cat? Let’s face it, your camera roll is probably full of photos of your cat anyway. So why not have some fun dressing up your cat with props and snapping some photos? If your cat isn’t fond of being the centre of attention, candid photography is another great option to capture their beauty.

Share your celebrations with us

Celebrating your cat’s birthday isn’t just an excuse to throw a party — it’s a fun way to thank your best friend for all their love and loyalty. If you celebrate your cat’s birthday, we’d love to hear about it. A few of our fan favourites are below but we’d love to see more! Share them with us by tagging @fancyfeastau on Instagram or post your pics on our Facebook page.