Purina ProCare Sliding Comb




Suitable for medium to long coats 



Available in Small and Large.


The Purina ProCare Sliding Comb has a sliding handle which adjusts between fine teeth for everyday grooming or wide teeth for detangling. The Ball-tipped Stainless Steel Pins efficiently removes loose top coat, dirt & debris. The unqiue ergonomic grip maximises control & comfort whilst reducing hand fatigue.





Getting started



Always start with the back legs and the bottom of your pet’s back and systematically work forwards in the direction of the coat. Repeat the process until the brush glides easily through the coat.


Repeat the process until the brush glides smoothly through the coat. Regular grooming prevents matting and minimises uncontrolled moulting.


Slide the handle across to use the flea comb side. When using the flea comb side, ensure you place a sheet of paper under your pet so it is easy to see if any fleas are combed out.