Dentalife® Adult Daily Large Breed Dog Dental Treats

Daily Oral Care

Dog Size Large
Dog Weight 18kg+
Pack Size/s7 Chews & 18 Chews
Flavour Chicken

The Breakthrough Chewy Dog Treat That Cleans

Purina Dentalife is designed with an innovative porous, yet chewy, texture that contains thousands of air pockets. Its unique shape features 8 distinct ridges that clean your dog's teeth down to the gumline.

Cleans even hard-to-reach teeth

Purina Dentalife gets dogs chewing to clean even the hard-to-reach teeth and delivers a breakthrough clean that's scientifically tested to reduce tartar build-up. And because Purina Dentalife is formulated to be less than 10% of a dog's daily calorific requirements, it can be fed as a part of his daily oral care routine. For clean teeth throughout a long, healthy life together, choose Purina Dentalife. For life.

Nutritional Analysis

Crude Protein (min) 6%
Crude Fat (min) 2%
Crude Fibre (max) 1.5%
Moisture (max) 15%

Purina PetCare Advice

We bring together a team with in-depth knowledge, experience and special interests with the skills to advise about health and nutrition, behaviour, training, socialisation, as well as basic first aid for your cat or dog


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