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Train dogs to sit
"Teaching basic commands is an excellent way to create clear communication and to bond with your dog"

Train dogs to "get off"

Teaching basic commands is an excellent way to create clear communication and to bond with your dog.

How to teach “Off”

  • If you find your dog on the couch, tell him “Off”, and then encourage him to come to you.
  • When he comes, reward him calmly with praise and a press of your clicker, and use your basic obedience training to ask him to ‘sit’ or go ‘down’ instead. This can then also be rewarded.
  • If he won’t get off the couch, physically remove him and then tell him “Off” as above.
  • Consistency is all-important here. If one member of the family turns a blind eye to the house rules, you’ve had it!
  • If your dog growls at you for attempting to remove him, back off and seek the help of a qualified behaviourist as soon as possible. Don’t try to dabble with any aggression problems yourself, as you may make things worse.

About the Purina PetCare Advice Centre

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