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PURINA TOTAL CARE flea treatment
"With flea treatments, you must kill the existing fleas as well as kill the flea breeding cycle."

Breaking flea the life cycle

Is your dog incessantly scratching and biting? It is possible he is suffering from fleas. Dog fleas are tiny little beasts, but they are bloodsucking parasites that can lead to serious health problems if not treated. They also carry tapeworms which left untreated can cause serious issues if your dog becomes infested. If your dog is allergic to fleas, just one bite may cause allergic dermatitis, which leads to sores, hairlessness and skin infections.

With flea treatments you must kill the existing fleas as well as break the flea breeding cycle, and that means using products such as a flea shampoo, a spot-on or line-on product. (Keep in mind; some flea treatments for dogs can be toxic to cats, so look for any warnings on the package to ensure your pet is safe!)

PURINA TOTAL CARE has a wide range of flea, tick and worming products available within supermarkets. Please call our PetCare Advice team on 1800 738 238 or consult with your local vet for advice on the most suitable product for your scratchy pooch.

Once you get rid of the fleas from your pet, you’ll also need to treat areas where he lies around as 95% of the flea infestation’s population exists as eggs, larvae and pupae in the surrounding environment: in the dirt, cracks or crevices of your house, in your pet's bedding or in your carpet. All you have to do is use a bit of muscle!

According to Science Daily, scientists have determined that vacuuming kills fleas in all stages of their lives, with an average of 96 per cent success in adult fleas and 100 per cent destruction of younger fleas. You may also like to consider using products such as flea bombs, which contain insect growth regulators (IGR’s) and can provide up to 12 months protection OR yard sprays and rinses that can be applied to specific areas in the home and outside, including kennels and most contain insect growth regulators. Always be sure to check the directions of use to ensure a safe environment for you and your pets.

Once you’re armed with PURINA TOTAL CARE flea products and a vacuum cleaner, itching and scratching is history!

Another important part of keeping your dog healthy is regular worming.

About the Purina PetCare Advice Centre

PetCare Advice Centre The Purina PetCare Advice Centre brings together a team with in-depth knowledge, experience and special interests with the skills to advise about health and nutrition, behaviour, training, socialisation, as well as basic first aid for your cat or dog. Our team of dedicated pet lovers can also provide information about Purina products and services to help you give your pet the best possible care. If you've got a question about any aspect of pet care, then ask the Purina PetCare Advice team.

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