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Eating concerns

Just like people, some dogs have trouble adjusting to certain types of foods. Many owners note even when they offer all sorts of food to their dog, it just doesn't seem to want to eat. Under 'Dog Eating Concerns' we look at the many reasons that a dog may not be eating, from fussiness right through to dog allergies. 


A lot of people feed dogs leftovers such as scraps of food meant for human consumption but this is never a good idea, as dogs have a different digestive system to humans. Some foods that are completely harmless to humans can be dangerous to dogs like; grapes, avocado, chocolate and onions. To understand more, watch our video on foods to be weary of.


It's particularly important to be careful during the festive season like Christmas and Easter, when there's an abundance of food. At these times, it's all too easy to feed a dog some leftovers that could do them more harm than good.